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Top Ad Consulting is an award-winning, Las Vegas based advertising agency and consultancy that gets better results for our clients than establishment firms that over-promise and under-deliver.

Check out the services that we offer below.

Email Outreach

We write your emails, organize your data, increase customer acquisition, increase your open rates and convert emails to sales.

Website Building

We build and host elegant websites, landing pages, and e-commerce sites optimized for any device. We also specialize in handling lots of web traffic.

Public Relations

We write press releases, craft press statements, and prepare you for incoming press questions. Reach out immediately if you are in a public relations crisis and need help now.

Online Reputation Management

We protect and increase your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking to put your website at the top of Google when customers search for you.

Social Media Management

We quickly create buzz around your social media and create an emotional connection with your customers to boost your sales.

Video Production

We write, shoot and produce digital and television ads for Congressional races, restaurants, insurance agencies, non-profit organizations and more. We create high quality content quickly and at scale for our clients

Text Message Marketing

We SMS text your customers with pictures or videos to lead them to sales or appointments and increase the amount of phone numbers in your database.

Corporate Consulting

Our team has worked for corporations and nonprofits across the United States. We help our clients tell their stories through branding, advertising and public relations

Digital Marketing

We manage your display advertising, paid search ads, video commercials, social media advertising and any others to get you in front of customers.

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About Us_

Top Ad Consulting was founded after seeing our friends’  business get ripped off by a marketing team that did not deliver results.We founded our company to deliver real results for clients that increase their revenue. Read more about us here.

We combine social media audience engagement with targeted advertising. Our results speak for themselves.

Our clients typically see a 200% increase in customer engagement in their first month

Our S.M.A.R.T.
Ads System_

Strategize + -

based on the client’s stated needs, existing sales, and the product’s industry. This allows us to define exactly what the campaign’s goals are, using the relevant data, so that we can tailor the perfect campaign each time for every single client.

Materialize + -

a series of viable concepts, choosing the best one(s) to present. This is the point where our world class creative team takes over, creating multiple ideas to fit the client’s stated goals. Each of these campaigns is completely backed up by the information obtained from the previous step. Only the best of these ideas will be presented to the client.

Articulate + -

the concept to the client. The client makes the final decision on what will and will not represent their own brand, and it is the responsibility of the advertiser to let the client know exactly what the options are and what are the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Refine + -

the chosen campaign using the critiques of the client and/or new information. This ensures that the campaign your customer sees not only matches your vision and the needs of your company, but has also been optimized for premier audio and visuals to deliver maximum impact.

Target and Advertise + -

your new campaign on any platform you desire. Top Ad Consulting is an omni-directional marketing agency, meaning we prefer to utilize different mediums including digital, TV, text, mail, and more to create a cohesive, effective, and memorable campaign every time.

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"The team at Top Ad Consulting were excellent and brought in a significant amount of business in a short time through their digital advertising expertise. I couldn't recommend them enough."

- Dr. Todd White @ Brewing And Distilling Center -

“The team at Top Ad Consulting broke donation records in Nevada and outraised an incumbent candidate. They brought in over 30k donors in three months! Nobody else in the country can do that.”

- Dan Rodimer -

"Top Ad Consulting LLC is very professional and are always a phone call away. I would recommend them to any other team and have recommended them multiple times. Their results speak for themselves and they raised over 3 million dollars for our campaign in just a couple of months"

- Joe Collins -

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Our goal at Top Ad is to make your business thrive.

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