Defend and Restore
Your Online Reputation_

All business owners and public figures in the modern world understand how important and difficult it can be to maintain a positive reputation online.

According to a survey from TripAdvisor, 94% of US diners “are influenced by online reviews.”

It’s not only dining. Thinkwithgoogle reported that 63% of all purchase decisions begin online, with many people going online even after entering a store to make their decision.

The online reputation experts at Top Ad Consulting are the best in the business at protecting and restoring your image online. We go far beyond more traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies to significantly improve the impression your customers have of your brand and products. Top Ad Consulting has seen huge successes from everything from business to political campaigns.

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising only for your potential customers to be turned away because of a few nasty reviews and articles, hire Top Ad Consulting today to protect your reputation.

We have options to fit all budgets


Budget Reputation Management

Do you want to promote your business on a budget? Then our basic reputation management package is a great fit for you. This package is made to service clients that are more worried about maintaining a good reputation than fixing already existing damage.

  • 1 monthly premium press release
  • Basic SEO analysis and report

Advanced Reputation

Do you own a small to medium sized business with a few bad reviews/articles that keep doing damage to your bottom line? Then this is the package for you. This package focuses on optimizing your media platforms while simultaneously cleaning up your reputation. Definitely a great choice for serious business owners.

  • 2 monthly premium press releases
  • Full website and social media SEO analysis and report
  • Rewriting of key terms on website
  • Limited website and social media optimizations

Premium Reputation

Already have a lot of (unwanted) attention? No problem. Our Premium package is set up to quickly address and solve your issue, no matter how big it may be. This package is perfect for large businesses and political candidates who need a constant and rapid response structure to deal with ongoing media attention.

  • 4+ monthly premium press releases
  • Full website and social media SEO analysis and report
  • Rewriting of key terms on website
  • Website redesign
  • Website and social media optimizations
  • Account manager and rapid response director
  • PR specialist
  • Media training

Top Ad Consulting also offers additional complimentary services including:

  • Full service online, TV, and physical marketing
  • In-house creative ad design
  • Custom website design & management
  • Social media management

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