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The 5 Official Rules for Successful Email Marketing During the Coronavirus Crisis


Early Morning Emails Don’t Work Best

Traditional email marketing suggests that emails should be scheduled between 6 AM and 9 AM. This no longer holds true across the board.

Instead, try scheduling your emails between 10AM and 4PM for best results


The “Best Days” to Send Emails Have Changed

Before the coronavirus outbreak, marketing emails were best sent between Monday and Thursday with the only exceptions being around holidays, which often were NOT good for email sends

Now, emails are received equally well on any day of the week. The only factor that really matters concerning this currently is the TIME at which it is scheduled, as suggested in 1(b)


Don’t be Afraid to Fundraise

While nobody wants to feel exploited, fundraising through email marketing has actually changed very little

Focus your fundraising tactics on criticism of opponents as well as positive messages about the future. Too negative will get bad results, and pure endorsement messages seem to hold less value than before.

It is also worth noting that people are actually more likely to give at ALL times currently than waiting for events like the traditional End of Quarter campaigns


However, NEVER Send Substanceless Fundraising Emails

This means exactly what it says. If your fundraising emails are shameless with no real message other than needing money, they WILL upset people including previous donors

Instead, make it clear WHY you are ask and WHAT you can offer, especially if it can be tied to our current crisis in some way, shape or form

The more personal and from the heart your email sounds, the more likely it is to succeed


When in Doubt, Test It Out!

One major advantage of marketing during coronavirus is that the news cycle moves faster than ever before

If you have an idea for email marketing that you are unsure of, now is the time to test it out. If it doesn’t go well, people will most likely forget about it by the end of the day. If it does go well, they will probably forget about it in 48 hours.